I am a hunter.

I am sleeping in my tent.

Suddenly I hear the roar of a tiger.

I jump out of bed.

I yawn and stretch my body. My neck and my arms and my legs.

I pick up my trousers and shake them.

I put on my belt.

I pick up my shirt and shake it.

I shake my shoes just in case there are any spiders.

I put on my hat.

I put my hunting knife on my belt.

Where is my rifle? Ah! here it is.

I put it over my shoulder. And my rifle with telescopic sights?

Ahh! it is here. I put it over my other shoulder.

I pick up my just in case rifle and go into the jungle.

I creep under the low branches of the trees.

I jump over the lower branches.

I jump from stepping stone to stepping stone to cross the river.

Sometimes my foot gets wet and I shake my leg.

I cut the long grass with my long knife to make a path.

A herd of elephants almost trample me but I dodge them all.

And now a snake attacks me but I am very fast and get out of the way.

Look at me now. I am wriggling like the sanke.